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Looking for an adoptive family for a 30y.o. Frenchman

If you have parents, grand-parents, uncles, aunties, grand cousins etc. with a spare room living close to the diplomatic area, please let them know they can adopt a Frenchman. I will stay in Delhi for 3 years minimum, but of course the duration of the stay depends on how we get along together. I will be going to my office in Chanakyapuri all working days from 8am to 7pm roughly and will mainly be away during week ends. On the evening, I am a very quiet but also open and talkative person if needed. I am really not troublesome as I don’t smoke, don’t drink alcohol and follow mainly a vegan diet. Even if I am a 30 years old bachelor I don’t plan to bring anyone home. I am looking for a room where people who used to host their whole family reached a stage where they have empty bedrooms because children left to study/work abroad or in a far city. I’ll be able during short durations (approx 10 days) to give back the room to its original owner when they come back for holidays of course ! It would be great if I could also be there to give a hand with ordinary things such as light maintenance in case the tenants are a little bit older or physically tired. I would also be delighted if I could be there to bring them a secure feeling or a more lively atmosphere in case they feel lonely. Language should not be a problem on a long term basis as I am learning hindi and I am more than eager to improve my level. I don’t have any requirements concerning the size or the equipments of the room but will be more picky on the location : Chanakyapuri, Moti Bagh, Shanti Niketan, Satya Niketan, Netaji nagar and Sarojini Nagar preferentially. I don’t mind about the price of the room from 7k to 20k depending on the standing, but I would like that the tenants, if possible, don’t do this only to get more income. Now that you get the spirit, please feel free to contact me with innovative ideas if you have not something meeting exactly those requirements !
Nom, Prenom: 
Sylvain L
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Numéro de téléphone: 
+91 98 99 13 68 74